All I did was explain the strategy

Thread: All I did was explain the strategy. The Democrats took control of the House, learned that Mueller didn’t follow the money, and launched a legal battle to get Trump’s financials. Few understood what the Dems were doing and insisted on immediate impeachment. My goal since May has been to pump the brakes on impeachment […]

What did you discuss with Lev Parnas?

Martha: What did you discuss with Lev Parnas? Nunes: Well, I don’t even know because I never met Parnas… Martha: So you never had any phone conversation with him. Nunes: We have not been able to confirm that yet Martha: You don’t think you would remember?×360/lzfharmlCbFpEMvp.mp4 “Rudy Giuliani knows a lot of members of […]

Sensenbrenner one-upping Lofgren on impeachments.

Starting a new thread. Sensenbrenner one-upping Lofgren on impeachments. He does not look well. Sensenbrenner disagrees with Gerald Ford on basis for impeachment, whatever a majority of the House could agree on. Sensenbrenner Claims inquiry arose out of Trump saying “do me a favor.” Um. No. It came out of the context of that. Sensenbrenner […]

Hong Kong Protest

The Tsimshatsui to Hung Hom protest march — the largest of three marches on Sunday — has begun at 3pm, with thousands massing at the harbourfront amid a moderately heavy police presence. The area borders the previously-besieged PolyU. Photo: Stand News screenshot. #hongkong The theme of the Tsimshatsui march is to call on Hongkongers not […]

The march from Tsim Sha Tsui to Coliseum begins

The march from Tsim Sha Tsui to Coliseum begins. Theme of this protest is 毋忘初心, despite pro-democracy candidates winning majority of district council seats, #HongKong people continue to take to the streets in huge number as their demands remain unmet.×360/v3SWuPj3T3W0smYe.mp4 A stark contrast in atmosphere outside the newly reopened Museum of Art, where people […]

Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president

This whole thing with this Ukraine phone call boils down to pretty simple stuff. And when all is told and the truth comes out completely this is how I think it played out. Alexander Vindman was listening in on the call between Trump & Zelensky. He hears where Trump is wanting the investigation into the […]

The timing of these anti Louise Mensch stories stink

The timing of these anti – @KamalaHarris stories stink. Senator Harris easily won the last Democratic debate. Her rival Butteig has crashed and burned with African-American voters in a performance that can only be described as abominable. Butteig’s (white) campaign press people and staffers have responded to black criticism by calling it inauthentic, while his […]

Talk about a bubble of privilege and denial!; Hong Kong

Imagine living in Hong Kong for 28 years and still being so blinkered and racist that you think the protestors are bought and paid for by America rather than having actual reasons to be angry, and having actual goals. Talk about a bubble of privilege and denial. CGTN’s @thepointwithlx interviewed a British who has lived […]